Outlive your life final

Outlive your life final

Hello readers, I am Rachael and this is my submission for the assignment regarding The final project for Religion 8


Outlive your life unit 2 final

Religion 8


Chapters 1 and 2 review

                Hello readers, I am Rachael and this is my submission for the assignment regarding being a book critic . I believe that the theme of chapters one and two are how we need to take action. Max Lucado expresses to the readers that there are so many ways that God uses us to help him that we don’t even know about. We are given so many opportunities in life to help others. One specific example of this theme is when the author talks about the 145 million orphans who need to find homes that will nurture them. The author calls us the wealthiest generation yet because of all the resources we have available to us, we need to help those who resources are not so easy to receive. The ideas that are implied are that the facts are used for ways to persuade us into helping others which we should not have to be persuaded.

The authors main point of this section of the book is how we are the wealthiest generation yet. Wealthyness is most commonly referred to as having money, but in this case it is referring to how we have so many resources available to us. Some of the resources we have are the Bible and all of the world to grow food. One fact that is a reality check is that 2 percent of the world’s grain harvest would be enough to share and erase the problem of world hunger. This thought relates to the theme of taking action because we can take action and be good stewards of all God’s gifts. This is almost the same idea as the authors goal. I believe that the authors goal was to inform us that with all of the opportunities we have we need to take action.

Prayer:  Dear Lord,   Thank you for all of the resources that you give us. I ask that you help us become more aware of all the opportunities that you have given us.  Please help us realize that people need help and we can help. I ask that you help us as a community come together to help others. Amen.


chapter 3 review

                Hello readers, I am Rachael and this is my submission for the assignment regarding being a book critic. I am going to jump right in and talk about the theme of chapter 3. I believe that the main theme of this section of the book is we need to take off our outer shell and let the world and others in. When I say this I mean that when we let the world in we see all of the problems there are, and we recognize how we need to help others. This theme also goes along with the theme of taking action because when we come to the assumption that the world needs help we are called to help. My supporting evidence for this theme is inferred mostly and the specific evidence I have is when our author tells us that we should let God unshell us. Another snippet of evidence I found was God heard their prayers and gave them their tools. I thought that is was evidence because God equips us to do the works that he calls us to do.

I believe that the author’s main point was to help us realize we shade ourselves from all of the problems from this world. The author is trying to tell us we should not hide from all the struggle in the world but instead go and help the people who are struggling. I believe that the author portrayed this idea very well because he gave specific evidence and reasoning.

prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for supporting us by giving to us people who care and help us realize our true calling. I ask that you help us realize all of the struggles of our piers. I ask that you give us the strength and wisdom to help others and reach out to those who need it the most. Amen.

Chapter 4 Review

          Hello readers, I am Rachael and this is my submission for the assignment regarding being a book critic. The main theme of chapter 4 was that we always forget the main focus of our life on Earth, we forget that God is the main focus of life. We put our focus on other things besides God and don’t even realize we do. We lose sight of what we are doing so easily that we can’t even focus on the one thing God sent us to do, tell others about him. We get revved up about all of the wonderful things that God gave us and forget to do the one thing we were supposed to do, worship God and made new disciples. The evidence that I found supporting this theme is our author writes about how a husband goes to a store because his wife asked him to get bread. When he gets to the store he sees and of the wonderful foods like cookies and snacks. The man gets home with all of the cookies and snacks and his wife looks at the bags and doesn’t see the bread. So he goes back and gets the bread. This is evidence because we do the same but in this case we forgot to do the most important thing in life, be a disciple of God.

The authors main point of this snippets the book is how we need to share God’s word because that is what we were put on this Earth to do. The author is also telling us god gives us second chances to do his will which goes along with the theme of staying focused on what God sent us to do. I believe that the authors goal was to help us realize we need God to give us second chances so that we can do his will and his work to create more believers. I believe that our author did this very well and achieved his goal. I think that some of these ideas are implied but if you used logic pretty easy to come to these conclusions.


Prayer: Dear Lord, I praise you for the tools you give us to be able to do your work. Please help us reconginze all of the ways that you have graciously equipped us to do your work. I ask you let us receive your gift of perseverance and focus so we may be able to do your will. Amen.


Essay about Outlive your life:

Outliving your life. Is it possible? Max Lucado explains how we can truely outlive our lives.  While reading this I came to some conclusions, and I am going to share my thoughts with you.  While reading this book I had an open mind  in return I desire that you would also have an open mind.

Thee Outlive your life book really focused on connecting with the 44th book of the Bible, Acts. The author, Max Lucado, uses snippets right from the book of Acts into the chapters. He uses stories from the Bible but then provides a story that has happened more recently and connects them.  He always pretty clearly states the main theme. Before reading Outlive your life , I read Acts to see what I read verse what Max recognized. The author really interprets the book of Acts into a much modern way with the help of modern day stories. He gives us specific stories that tap into  your sensitive side.  The author helped me focus on differnt parts of Acts, which made me realize that there are unique points that stand out to differnt people.  The author gives us a hint of what stands out to him and tells us how we can relate that to our own personal lives.

Before reading Outlive your Life I don’t particularly think I was doing a very good job outliving My life. I wasn’t aware  that you could outlive your life in a godly way. I believe the outliving your life means  to help those who really need it and to give your focus to those who don’t have as many resources or opportunities that you yourself receive.  The way that I see myself now outliving my life is I have an urge to go help others and to want to take opportunities that God graciously offers to me.  God gives us so many ways to give back which helps us affect other people’s lives, and that is when we outlive our lives.  While writing reviews of the chapters from this book I saw my life connecting to them more and more.  I hope to keep seeing the resemblance from the book into my life.

Actions that have been carried out my whole life is trying to be caring, I hope that this trait continues to be present in my life. Caring means to have compassion for others and want to help others. Lately I’ve been having a very strong urge to help others. I have been seeing the book of outlive your life connect with my life because it says if you have the want to help others that is a good thing. The book is also a call to action, which means a summoning to go out and take action.  I hope to develop the trait is a stronger sense, and put more action into it. I know that if I trust in God and act upon my words I can achieve my goal.  God wants us to set goals so we push ourselves to put more into the community, and do what he put us on this beautiful Earth to do, create more believers.

There are a couple of verses from the Bible that have always stuck with me and they happen to connect to this book.  The first one is Hanukkah 3:18,” yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will take joy in the God of my salvation.”  This relates to the book because when we rejoice in what God has done for us we see how we are given so many opportunities.  We need to share those opportunities with people whom aren’t fortunate enough to receive them.  The other verse is Psalm 73:26 ,” “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” This relates to the book because if we have God as our foundation the urge to help others grows stronger and stronger.  These verses are influential to me because when you read them they are telling you how our amazing and all powerful God should be our foundation and our rock.

In the movie AD: The Bible continues, a few aspects became clearer to me. While reading the book I came to the realization that the disciples just believed God no matter what.  But when the disciples were deciding whether to preach to Paul, they doubted.  Another realization I had was people see Jesus in a differnt way, I see him as a loving God. Some people think of him more as a forgiving God.  In the end God is all of these things and more.  God can’t be defined by one thing, he is to powerful and amazing to be described by words.  The last thing that really stood out to me was how the director emphasized differnt parts then we did during our discussions during class. One specific example of this was when Stephen was chosen to spread the word.  In the movie they didn’t show that scene, but we immensely discussed  that in our class time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my essay. In the end this book was a good way of showing to people how to really and truly outlive their lives.  I hope you enjoyed this book as much as I did.